A long-overdue update on OBB work

Hello friends and followers! I am writing to inform you that OBB is back, and you can expect to see more content coming from us in the future!

What happened during the “break”??

OBB has been focusing on internal growth during this time. I personally have been doing more self-education in order to become a more competent technology writer, entrepreneur, and boss. OBB also made its first hire (besides myself) and created a streamlined process for making more hires in the future to keep up with the demand out there for cybersecurity education.

Where allowed by OBB’s agreements with publishers, there will probably be updates when an OBB client publishes OBB work.

If you are a news organization, content creator, or anyone who would benefit from outsourcing your technology research to present to a mass audience, then don’t hesitate to reach out to OBB to become a client.

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