Terms of Service

Updated 15 March, 2021.


These Terms of Service (“Terms”) are a legally binding contract between you (the “User”, collectively “Users”) and Outsmart Big Brother™ and its agents and affiliates (collectively, “OBB”), and apply to all content from and by OBB, including the website “outsmartbigbrother.com” itself, its content, and the content on all of OBB’s official presences across both the Internet and the physical universe, including but not limited to blockchain-powered-platforms, blogging sites, social media, video sharing, audio sharing, e-commerce, physical buildings, physical stages, and any other types of platforms (collectively, the “Content”). If you do not agree to these Terms, then kindly do not use our Content. By using Content, User also confirms that they have read and agree to OBB’s Privacy Policy.

If any part of these Terms may become unenforceable for any reason, the remaining portions of these Terms shall remain fully enforceable and OBB may in its sole discretion substitute additional terms of the same intent to replace portions that are unenforceable. Under no circumstances shall OBB be considered as waiving the right to enforce these terms, except as may be clearly and explicitly stated in writing, and only limited to the scope of such written statement.

Intellectual Property

OBB claims all trademarks internationally under Common Law that are used by OBB to represent the brand and image of OBB, including but not limited to the name “Outsmart Big Brother™”, “Outsmart Big Brother”, “OBB”, “obb”, “OutsmartBigBrother”, “outsmartbigbrother”, “OutsmartBigBro”, “outsmartbigbro”, the OBB brain logo (which is a brain with a black network texture on the surface and eyes surrounding it), and the OBB black and yellow logo (which is the letter “O” made to resemble an eye, plus two subsequent Bitcoin symbols “₿”).

Excluding all trademarks as mentioned above, all other Content which is original to OBB shall be under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence, which may be found here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

All portions of Content that originated outside OBB that are used in Content are either licenced in such a way as to be copyright-free or fall under the “Fair Use” doctrine. For inquiries into copyright of such third-party Content portions, please see the respective parties that claim them.

All content created by User, including comments to OBB Content, shall be the property of the User, and may be freely and unequivocally shared by OBB for any purpose. If the user deletes their own contributed content before OBB reproduces it in some form (such as a screenshot), then OBB shall not demand the contribution to be re-posted.

OBB reserves the right to sue Users who violate OBB’s intellectual property rights.

Acceptable Conduct

OBB strongly believes in free speech.

However, as a private entity, OBB requires that all users always adhere to the following guidelines while using Content:

  1. Act in good faith.
  2. Never violate or threaten to violate another person’s rights, including the rights to life, liberty, property, and privacy.
  3. Never harass, stalk, or spam.
  4. Never attempt to “crack” or penetration test OBB’s Content without prior written permission.
  5. Never attempt to hack or impersonate fellow users.
  6. Never attempt to DDoS Content.
  7. Never upload viruses or any other type of malware.
  8. Never tamper with the software of Content in any way without prior written permission.
  9. Never do any type of harm. Follow the Non-Aggression Principle.

Acceptable conduct terms shall be interpreted in OBB’s sole discretion on a case-by-case basis. OBB reserves the right to unilaterally terminate, limit, and suspend accounts and remove user-generated content for violation of the above Acceptable Conduct guidelines without warning.


All Content is offered on an “AS IS” basis, and OBB makes NO PROMISES of any kind, including that the website will run properly, that Content will be updated, that Content is accurate, that User will enjoy Content, and that material covered in Content will be effective at accomplishing the goals of the User.

All Content produced by OBB is for educational purposes only, and is NOT legal, financial, cybersecurity, or any other type of professional advice. Different individuals have different levels of risk tolerance. Not all privacy and censorship resistant technologies are appropriate for all situations. There also may be tools, methods, and technologies which render portions of this content obsolete. OBB makes no warranty (whether express or implied) and shall bear no liability for bad stuff that happens as a result of Users attempting to use technologies, tools, websites, or other things mentioned in Content. Users are encouraged to use their brains, do their own homework, and accept the risks that come with making one’s own choices in life, which involves being a responsible adult. 

Limitation of Liability

Under all circumstances, including, without limitation, negligence, OBB shall not be liable for anything relating to Content, including User-generated content and User’s ability to access Content, except where prohibited by law (in which case, the total liability for OBB shall be the legally-set minimum). User agrees to not have a class action suit related to Content.


OBB reserves the right to update these Terms. If User has an account with OBB, user will be notified thirty (30) days in advance of significant changes which affect them. If User does not agree to the updates Terms, then user may notify OBB by email of their desire to withdraw from these Terms and have their account terminated. It is User’s responsibility to regularly check the Terms for any changes.

Governing Law

These Terms shall be governed and interpreted according to the laws of Free Republic of Liberland, without regard for Conflict of Laws principles. All disputes arising under these Terms shall be handled according to Liberland law.


User may contact OBB with questions about these Terms by emailing “jonathan at outsmartbigbrother dot com” (Replace the ” at ” with “@” and replace ” dot ” with “.”).